Joint CSO submission on Green Climate Fund’s Strategic Plan update


The Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) invited board members/alternates, NDAs, representatives from accredited entities, and members of the PSAG, as well as active observers and observer organizations to submit input on the update of the GCF’s Strategic Plan to the Secretariat by 30 April 2019.

BIC Europe joined 40 other civil society organizations in providing input to this process.

In our view, the GCF’s Strategic Plan should be a systematic iterative process. It should be a living document that is based on a shared vision of the Fund’s desired long-term impacts. Its update will lead to best results and collective ownership through engagement with a broad set of stakeholders, including civil society organizations, as well as allowing for the voices of affected people and communities in developing countries to be heard, in particular those of often marginalized groups such as women or indigenous peoples. The update to the strategic plan should clarify and sharpen the long term ambition of the Fund and should be very clear in describing what needs to be achieved in the medium term to make progress towards the long term ambition of the Fund in line with its mandate under the UNFCCC and the guiding principles in the Governing Instrument, and in fulfillment of the Paris Agreement and the IPCC recommendations to stay below 1.5 degrees. Additionally, it should set out the intended medium-term outcomes of aggregate GCF allocations and investments as well as the capacity building and support functions the Fund provides; and should define a strategic framework for action that includes a four-year action plan with specific goals and indicators to be synchronized with the replenishment process (thus, corresponding to the suggested first replenishment period of 2020-2023) and the Post-Paris review process.

To read the full submission and the complete list of signatories, please click here.